3.10 Research & Design Experience and Evolution of New Types

Continuous natural selection will assist in ' selecting out' a variety (to eliminate or increase) but will not of itself develop new forms. We cannot for instance continuously re-rig sails for a ship and find one day a steam engine. Human engineering development tends to show that, a given technology can be perfected to its ultimate classic design, this often being at least a ' class act' better than the first attempts at whatever the new replacement technology; clippers and steam ships, rail steam engines and diesel, calligraphy and printing, celluloid film and video/digital. The change can be disruptive, still doing the same thing but with a change in means to the same end. A creative mind has seen the potential and restlessly pushes the idea through, there is a start from scratch manufactured. If the test were only of performance at first against the classic incumbent older technology, very few new technologies would ever get through. Which in Nature could mean a natural selection fail, as the new prototype form must go against the incumbent classic and start winning.

Whereas a creator can modify or build from scratch as required, in an evolved system there can be no stop or the specie ends, it is extinct. That is every ancestral link must always be fully viable and live to reproduce in the wild surviving all the risks that entails. The creative are often restless about their productions if we take humanity for example. So there are two types of evolution to consider; one in the mind of a creative person (perfectionist artisan), one all on its own (chance alone). It seems it is always presumed any pattern in fossils means genetic ancestry. A creator I suggest would do some thinking while engaged in the creation task, if you think then you may also change your mind.

Consider a dug out canoe, modify into a modern ocean liner while never stopping the carriage of passengers or goods. Of course it can be done but it is very, very, difficult, more so than building the next boat from scratch on the shore from lessons learned. I propose it could be several times more complex an operation, to modify than fresh builds.

[additional: An invisible problem in just in/decreasing dimensions; area, volume, square, cube, circle and sphere. If for example we double the size of a form containing all these measurements, they will not all increase at the same proportion. You will probably at sometime hear of humiliated new builds going off budget or delayed by over/under order of materials, because somebody assumed ' rule of thumb' instead of doing the calculations. Try it, it is not easy for a mind to do; you may sympathise next time.]

[additional: A small change in shape, may require redeployment of hundreds/thousands of cells in 3D space.]

[additional: Some believers accept forms of Darwinian Evolution as a means of creation under divine supervision &/or initiation. This I suggest would be more difficult than, just ' doing the  

The path of designs, building systems, deleting or reducing purpose served systems, of generally running the ancient phenomena that produce our present Earth, may represent an evolution within the creative thinking inside our Creator's mind. Mankind's technology does not develop itself, but does show an evolution of idea into next idea (advancing from previous called: progress).  We have no difficulty talking in terms of evolution of products or institutions under Human control, and still honouring the participant’s efforts.  If there were only our works left and a determination not to believe man ever existed, then line up our artefacts and make the case these evolved without the ‘ myth of man’. It makes a better line than the ancient monkeys, so are the fossils a record of the Creator’s developing his works?

Take some of our creative achievements and line them up in time. Take for one instance; music, where original compositions are made by many individuals. Sometimes the individual's style can be seen in their life's work, sometimes influence from predecessors. Sometimes an ancient tune stays popular long after the origins are forgot. A pattern not unlike the species of Nature, yet musical scores do not mate and produce offspring. Its all done by mental effort. ]

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