3.17 Divine(ish) suggestions seen in Mankind:

i] Instinctive right and wrong (especially strong in children at times), and feelings of guilt.

ii] Commonality of spiritual sensation or wish to worship, most cultures.

iii] Feeling of something or someone higher.

iv] The idea of a morality above plain law.

v] Consensus (mostly) on the sanctity of human life.

vi] Sense of the everlasting.

vii] The self aware state which actually pauses tastes the food etc., seems too complicated and too expensive a luxury for an evolved animal. We often have periods when we function while not self aware: in emergencies, & when solutions to problems appear in the mind completed, & journeys when suddenly we realise we are there, & fast reactions without thought, these happenings giving the impression of a fully capable non-self. So is it absolutely needed, as most/many species do without? Biologically the self behaves as a parasite, often the self's interest may risk or harm the human organism, from substance abuse to martyrdom.

viii] Love, when as a mental/intellectual attachment to persons, principles, places, practices and performance, often with self detrimental results. (excluding hormonal or body related/driven forms)

ix] Mind's eye & sight, can see beauty.

x] The restless spirit of man to “do”, after basic needs are met; to understand, reach for the stars.

-The above make little or no sense as a result of an evolutional stone throwing ape in a, survival of the fittest, eat or be eaten system, but if a creator chooses to imprint his ideals -it does make sense.

Simple conversation gambits;

Nature shows;

1. Too many “Goldilocks” conditions for accidental causes [just right -& often with precision]?  [Such as our designers search for]

2. Too many ‘chicken & egg’ conditions, circular systems?

3. Too many ‘pushing the envelope’ conditions? [Birds fly, insects, bats, fish, etc]  [sports, speed, almost any measurement]

4. Theatrics, we live inside a Nature system which is miraculous of engineered and aesthetic design, or maybe God is showing off modestly sometimes?


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