4.11 Genesis 1 v 27

The Sixth Day, part 3, Image male and female [Woman and Jealousy]

Female Man shares Image.

We can have problems here as certain passages qualify each other,  Genesis 1 v 27 [our subject] with detail at Genesis 2 v 18,21,22,23,24 sometimes with 1Corinthians 11 v 7 [isolated from context].

Some have advanced the idea that Woman is not in the Image of God.

Because the Scripture cannot lie, then the succeeding quotes can only qualify the first.

1/... It was part of the Man's design specification to be in God's Image.

2/... The design specification of Woman was helper or companion.

3/... Being made from the Man, Woman cannot be all that different.[the same kind]

4/... Note that until sin becomes an issue, who was made first was not an issue either?

Maybe it's a moot point, but as woman was made from the man as a complement, surely it would be untrue to say she did not possess the Image of God? The apostle was making a case for seniority, not superiority.

To give the man a complement who did not share in the Image of God, would be to give man a beast, that would not be a compliment. If the first Woman who was made from a rib did not share the Image, how would we distant children fair?

Human [kinds] are the first Diminutive forms in reproductive versions.

[A word of caution here, it is easy to think of God making Woman from a portion of Man. The creation of a female for Man is not the special event, no disrespect intended. God had to that time made all Earth lifeforms in male-female reproductive versions. What was new? A creature in the Image of God. So the fleshly Woman is not the priority. It is a version of the Image made to be a Helper. She wants help, let her ... she was made to. Thank God for her.]

Image of the Jealous One.

Let us consider something else known of in; Template and the Diminutives; Exodus 34 v 14. Please consider this now, it helps make sense of things later. It is unfortunate jealous gets mixed with envy, and these are in many ways alike. We often use the word jealous for a condition of envy, whereas envy is a little different.

Rights to Something.

God and all Diminutives have and will acquire rights to things, this is My Name/praise/Worshippers, this is My wife/husband/children/duty/job/turn. This is proper jealously and the jealousy meant here [earned, owned, entitled, to treasure].

Envy is to be jealous for what is not yours [aggressive, intrusive, interfering, to covet].  Sometimes time is a factor, give or sell and your heart must release that jealousy its not your’s anymore.

Own space/place, copies as original are jealous in ownership. The context of jealousy and envy are poles apart in terms of rights, but feelings and behaviour may be the same.

Next time you hear of God being jealous for his name, note the feeling, consider your actions accordingly.

Also when considering why God’s Law demands this or that, consider Jealousy right or wrong in those who may be involved, it is very often forgotten.

When considering jealousy, think of the rights too issues.

Jealously often cannot be seen and the self must be wary of covetousness, it can be a trap.

What is yours, treasure, it is a gift as assigned by God, because all things are really HIS!

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