4.2  Genesis 1 v 1,2a

In The Beginning

Creation of Heavens (first "heaven" objects in it are a batch of creation together, the stellar cosmos) and Earth (the object of our interest) is only a "waste" object within that creation. Without life on it Earth is very non-special indeed.

(Heaven here is the starry heavens, the first heavens, second is coming up. Third Heaven the place of God. Apostle's direction: 2 Corinthians 12 v 2, the 1st,2nd,3rd, just the order of mention.)

As the beginning was an act of creation by God then obviously God is prior to that “Beginning”. This beginning is therefore the beginning of the material or "our" universe only, all things we can perceive. At first reading the cosmos total is made in seven days. But if that was the case, why bother to call the Earth "waste" while still in process? So God makes galaxies where planets are as specks then specialises and makes one of them very special. Earth then may be very much older than the Creation "seven days”.  It seems then God considers the cosmos creation [starry heaven and waste earth] a prior task or preparatory too; the local creation at and on Earth. This heaven is impressive, but lifeless [as far as we know]. The living Earth was much more advanced as a work. Much as the delivery of materials to a building site would compare with the functioning building.

And the third Heaven must then be older than the first heaven and waste Earth.


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Genesis 1 v 1 & 1 v 2, is there a gap or not?

Much dispute of brotherly nature as the following is hardly a salvation issue, muse but don’t worry , is over whether there is a gap between Genesis chp 1;  first verse and second.


But then this sudden realisation: I now suggest:

We know Scripture was not written till Moses, so how was it remembered?  The Arabs also descended from Abram may be the clue; they memorise the Koran which if that is the way, Genesis 1 v 1 may be the recitation title or introduction.  See also Genesis 5 v 1 & 10 v 1, then consider what to think on this.

Moses may have copied the recited records into textual Scripture.

If so;

The Creation of the spirit homeland of God and Angels, is at an unknown prior time.

The Creation of the material Cosmos but not yet fit for material life, is also at an unknown prior time.

The terra-forming of Earth and Creation of life on it is Genesis 1 & 2, the Scripture’s defined “Beginning”.

The creation of the World Genesis took a single day [24hr]  Genesis 3.

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Obvious enigmas and imponderable distractions.

WE ARE HERE from our personal point of view this dwarfs any other miracle; told, present or promised, -all such are dependant on first being here! We cannot get our heads around the God without a beginning, with our obvious self existence do we do any better? Consider the obvious enigma of our personal awareness, set aside imponderable questions about God.

The Beginning is addressed here to inform Humanity of the “Beginning” which concerns us. Obviously as God is acting to cause the said "Beginning" then it cannot be his  or of any others present at our beginning.  Therefore "Time" did not start when our universe began. Well if time is in fact anything, for myself I consider time an arbitrary mental construct.  The [or our] clock starts with the material universe or cosmos, our cosmos is younger than all works of God before the Genesis Beginning. To state God is before "The Beginning" is therefore a simple logical necessity.

Reflect with on this with care;

Some extensions of thought on various imponderables of Scripture make an easy mistake here.  When Scripture refers to “The Beginning” its the/our material Cosmos beginning, that/this record.  Genesis means Beginning!  A mention of Beginning could just as easily be;  as/was in the Genesis account.

Perhaps at the end of verse one, there is not yet a speck of life in a material nature, a sterile universe of spectacular sights, but the future Earth was far from being a thing of note. Perhaps this "waste" had not yet been selected to become the Earth. Even the name Earth misleads us, a planet we name after the pulverised rock and humus particles which cover the above water surface. The name rings with life now, then it was a dump.........

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