4.9 Genesis 1 v 26

The Sixth  2, Image, Diminutive

Considering our physical body as the pinnacle animal form, could be a mistake. Animals seem designed to exploit whatever niche is their’s. The human frame has no such speciality, in fact we often admire animals for specialities possessed which amaze us. I wonder if a human frame with an animal brain could survive out in the wild?

Sure a human stands upright, but at a cost -we often have back trouble. If we lived as wild animals our nimble hands would only help a little, as skill takes time to acquire. We cannot outrun the average four legged predator and cannot climb as fast as our supposed ape/monkey ancestors. Which surprised by an equal peril, will run on all fours along the ground and all fours up almost any tree!

[Guess who gets eaten?]

Perhaps we should not consider the human frame as “animal,” even though that is clearly how the body works. As an animal there seems to be no implanted speciality other than perhaps being unspecialised and therefore flexible as to use. I will be bold again and suggest the human body the most advanced animal design [back then the latest thing] - is to be a beast of burden, a subjective vehicle.

The “Image of God” is a design criteria for Man[kind], this rides in the human frame. Although no prior animal had the Image of God, God had bestowed this Image of God on Angelic life. So the Man form is new but this Image of God within is a copy variation shared with two angelic forms: Seraphim and Cherubim, besides Him who is Template.

As it is God who makes this Image of God beware when considering Mans fallen state or weaknesses, that you do not cast doubt on Gods ability or word in building the Image of God into Man[kind]. It is a smaller copy, may exist in different life-forms, but the copy will have a workmanship of quality.

[This Image of God will now by me be called (the/a) Diminutive, meaning a smaller copy of a larger/greater.


1/... Mankind and Angels etc are in the Image of God and Mankind and Angels etc can sin.

2/... To avoid confusion [in my language] with image in idolatry.

3/... Lets the reader evaluate Diminutive with his own understanding of soul.

-Diminutive = Image of God.

-Should you wish; Diminutive may be replaced by Image of God, in your copies or reading.]

Anything an animal may posses cannot be Diminutive. All those matters of Scripture then where God speaks to Man, those evoked responses are from the resident Diminutive. Besides the directly spiritual matters are also the quality of being with a resident emotionally enhanced intellect. Our Humanity may be a misleading term the finer qualities not being earthly in source but our individual copies of the Divine One.

Is it any wonder He hates idolatry, where a Diminutive bows to what is simply an artwork?

That is; the Image of Yahweh bowed to the image of something less, a deep personal insult!  Is it any wonder the spiritual Man finds war between spiritual matters and those of the flesh?

So many statements [not every] about the Creator [God] may be readily compared with the Human equivalent(s), with care remembering we are the scaled down diminutive. Should that be done with the “days” too?

The Creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation

Viewed this way with Seraphim, Cherubim, Man, and Woman, all being groups of Diminutives, gives us access to a meaning. In Ezekiel chapter 1 and Revelation 4 v 6,7,8 a group of four living creatures each associated with multiple eyes, I suggest these represent the four Diminutive groups and the eyes, the many individuals in each group. Four creatures in His Image before God.

The thing to note is this, the body is Earthly animal, inside something of the Qualities of God.

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