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So perhaps you now see all religions falling into only two camps.  Jewish and Islamic faiths and some Christian no trinity faiths as one camp, here God Yahweh/Jehovah is strictly a single Deity.  The other orthodox Christian faiths and almost every Pagan faith where god is a mysterious three or trinity.

Surely the identity of the god must be the first and most fundamental doctrine of any religion?  It is upon the god in question to play his or her part to lead the worshipers of the said god or goddess.

This is of particular concern to Christian faiths as the Apostle warned of an apostasy to come in among believers, and, an apostasy that was already at work 2 Thessalonians 2 v 6 & 7.  As an apostasy is an internal problem, when will the believers “see it”?  Has the “Adamic triad” shown himself as sitting in the temple [=place] of Yahweh before the eyes of Christian believers? 2 Thessalonians 2 v 1 to 5.

Jewish and Islamic believers should be careful in copying any of Christendom’s religious pagan ceremonial.

If you see it, the ceremonial tape barrier of 2 Thessalonians 2 v 3 & Matthew 24 v 15 & 33 & 34 has just been cut asunder.

Compare Matthew 24 v 16 with Revelation 18 v 4.

Compare Daniel 12 v 1 with Matthew 24 v 21 and with Revelation  7 v 14.

Consider an old clue; Genesis 41 v 25.

The Jewish and Islamic believers have mostly avoided the Christian Apostasy, which is to their credit.  However, baptism 1 Peter 3 v 21 & 22 is required.

Matthew 24 v 17 & 18.

View in Roman History

The view in history has been obvious for some time.  The Romans tolerated other gods in any conquered territory,  if they could see these gods as local versions of their own gods.  It was about political stability & unity in the Empire.  [As it turns out a needless concern, USA & France being non religious state structures with the person choosing Faith often without hindrance -but the Romans did not know this]

I suggest they just took awhile to deal with Christianity.  Finding it directly undefeatable and to some extent desirable as a cohesive brotherhood, they in time changed and twisted the Christian conquest of the Empire’s mentality into their old acceptable form.

The Roman State over a few hundred years forced the ‘mysterious god identity’ into Christendom so it could be seen as another version of their own gods.  Same concept, just much longer to slickly perform.  The Roman State could then see all religions including most of Christianity as worshipping the same triad; [but excepting the Jews, Heretics and Islam].

Christendom’s Trinity doctrine is the best surviving Roman artefact, still functioning as intended until now on a pan-continental scale.

Romans would by this logic equate Jehovah/Yahweh with Jupiter and when the Emperors gained control of infant Christendom, Jupiter’s conventions would be injected, the plunder from Yahweh’s temple at Jerusalem was given to Jupiter’s temple.


Daniel 11,

11 v 20, compare Luke 2 v 1 to 4.

11 v 21 to 24, Tiberius, compare Matthew 27 v 37 with 11 v 22b.

11 v 25, 26 Aurelian.

11 v 27 .. Diocletian, Tetrarchy which in a way extended into E&W Christendom.  UPDATE-Muslim Arabs take Cyprus 649 [prob; Kittim] . OOPS! Or so I thought, the kings of North & South sharing the same table lasted a  period of time, from Roman conquest of Egypt, to loss of Egypt to Muslim Arabs, I was looking too closely and when you stand back its clearer, or as they say the penny drops.  It was a factor in the Tetrarchy, so it was close just not bullseye.  

King of North & South were divisions within the Roman Empire for this time.  So from 30bce Cleopatra dies Dan 11 v 17 and title king of South sits with Rome at one table 11 v 27, until Constans II fails to retake Egypt and is driven back -till he deploys ‘Greek fire 11 v 31?’ but the Caliphs now hold title king of South Dan 11 v 30.

11 v 28, Battle of Nineveh 627, Ctesiphon. [this is a start see v 29b,  consider 28 to 32 as a block]


11 v 30 .. Muslim action in eastern Mediterranean against Eastern Roman Empire, Emperor looses Egypt 646 - Alexandria after failed retake [note Daniel 11 v 29].

Look up “Battle of the Masts”, Constans II, Constantine IV, could also be the British rebel Emperor Carausius  but there is a literal Kittim here.

11 v 31 .. Note two actions required to fulfil. Also there is quite a difference in the vigour of the constant feature/daily sacrifice removal:- in 8 v 12 a more passive, here in 11 v 31 it is taken away to be replaced with something bad. Could as late as Inquisition start, [ for those working on dates].

11 v 32 to 35 The middle ages, objectors are heretics etc. Protestantism and revivals of many sorts up to modern times.

11 v 36 King of North again.....seems he has moved on too but still North of Israel.

The Kings of North & South, would appear to be quite a rough guide at times.  However there are some big clues like Jesus’ Death.  Though not so clear at first “Kittim” is a useful point as the Mediterranean sea is enclosed and  armies could move to many places via land, therefore sea strategy is not so important as islands fighting islands in other places.  Ships of Kittim stands out.


In Daniel the 2300 starts in Greek Empire Control  -Daniel 8 v 21

In Daniel the 1335 & 1290 start in Roman Empire Control  

-Daniel 11 v 20 links to Luke 2 v 1-3

-Daniel 11 v 22 links to the death of Jesus Christ

-Daniel 11 v 30 kittim

The starts are 965 apart 2300-1335=965 a useful CHECKSUM.

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