5.9 Subjects of further study for later;

History, ideas religions and people you might wish to look up;

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some ‘official sites’  are hyperlinked.

‘official sites’ that is sites of the title not just Internet comment sites.

 These are generally what is called religions, but this site does not represent a religion nor does any religion represent this site, such things are for you, my reader to choose or not, as you think fit and this is for your information only, without recommendation or criticism.

These do not necessarily agree with each other and maybe not with this site, but hey! The Christ died for all men.

Some differences are not Salvation issues.

I have not closely examined these, the list is a collection for your interest.



Religions & resources which are of use to believers in the singular oneness of God, or thereabouts or have information/research of interest.


Jews, the original monotheists

“Messianic Judaism“



"Faustus Socinus",

"Minor Reformed Church",   

Church of God”-Continuing Church of God”-"Christian Monotheism",   



"Michael Servetus",  

"Alexander Hislop",    

"Two by Twos",   

"American Unitarian Association",   


"Oneness Pentecostals",

Moslems are believers in the unique singularity of God, but do not share all Jewish or Christian ideals.   

"Polish Brethren",   

"Christian Science",   

"Jehovah's Witnesses",     


"Jaume de Marcos",  

“Unitarian” is used as a name but basically means: “Christian Monotheism”

-and as such describes other faiths which have a non Trinitarian view of God.

Trinitarian doctrine is Tri-theism, never Monotheism.

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