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Some Notes

Perhaps the reader should consider looking at two aspects by now, have I just provided a means to work out the solution but not the exact solution?  A; mechanism. B; solution.

The day of “Armageddon” is not known even to the son, so trying to estimate that demonstrates a lack of faith  Matthew 24 v 36.

Daniel 8 v 13,14 tells of relief from oppression.

Daniel  12 v 12 tells of happiness.

If the ‘three and halfs’ is joined to the two above, then more can be added.  However it may well be that these should be considered as a ‘half seven’ symbolically, which would carry the meaning ‘it will not complete or finish’.

The Spiritual condition of believers will improve greatly, whether that is before or after is not given.  Perhaps this could mean believers in the One God of Abraham, start to more fully show and feel a commonality at heart.

Note that the Jews and Romans who conspired Jesus’ death were forgiven on that same day by Jesus, he also requested his Father forgive them, requests are requests and not instructions. However we as Christians know our King’s urgent wish to forgive, while in great distress, very clearly. There is a name for this type of crime where one goes/speaks against the King’s express wish [here, to forgive], it has its own name because this crime is close to insurrection: treason.

Besides who benefits from this killing?  Think about that.

There is a note on scale I should express, many interpretations of prophecy are wrong in scale;-

“The Apostasy”  is prophesied in Christian scripture to Christians, therefore it must be within the Christian scale of things.  Something that was already in action at the time of the writer [pre-Christian?].

The 666 has to be more ubiquitous than most interpretations I have read,  an explanation must match the description at Revelation 13 v 16a, there must be some form of calculation or sum to explain 666, the sword wound is very much, in the past.

I could be wrong on the Eden Solution, but the scales do match and a calculation.  

On One God;

There seem to be two forms of one god, one the worship of Yahweh the God of Abraham the other the worship of oneself.   These two can be in conflict while giving the appearance of a man/woman of faith.

Yahweh?, the One God of Abraham is given honour in a range of religions wider than Christianity alone;  Judaism, Islam, and Samaritan, Sikh,

(last two respective influences of the first two).

Absolute rejection of the trinity by many is noted, though many do not address God by his first name.

The “Final War” of Scripture may follow some of the exception criteria, shown in the records;

Exodus, others left with the Israelites,

Entry war to take Canaan, one harlot & one nation,

Destruction of Jerusalem by Babylonians, one foreigner, one set of descendants.

The sacrifice for sin given by the Messiah potentially could have saved everyone, and nothing I have ever written will reduce it one jot.

The Same/One/Conference Table of Daniel 11 v 27

When the King of South, Egypt [ Cleopatra last Ptolemy] is taken 11 v 17 and reinforced by Aurelian’s defeat of Zenobia 11 v 25; The South ‘Egypt’ became a Roman Province and so was at the same or one table, vis: Both Kings in same kingdom.  This lasted till  Constans II lost Egypt 11 v 29,30 to the Muslim Armies and later Muslim Navy.  A new version of weapon ‘Greek Fire’ saved Constantinople from final defeat, this seems to be the ‘Arms’ of 11 v 31.

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