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Age of Dogma {711 approx to sometime soon-ish}

[Daniel 11 v 30 to 31]

Ships of kittim [battle of masts 655ce] give us a time fix being an unusual event, these then held at bay and for years to come by Arms standing up [Greek Fire 673ce] leads us to the Third Council of Constantinople [680-681ce].  More info see Daniel Eleven Hyperlinked.

So from [sometime in] this period the 1335 ‘days’ starts.

But which events [or conditions] actually are the ‘Disgusting thing’ [Daniel 11 v 31b] being put into place, by the Eastern Caesar, more than one effect seems to progress from here.  OK you can blame the ‘E. Roman Emperor; authorised Catholic Church’, bad/awful though the record is in places, there have been some glimmers of good intent and one or two upright Popes.  The initiation of the Reformation was started by Catholic individuals, if you take my meaning maybe Jezebel of Thyatira can yet repent, as indeed, we all must.

But there was also a change in mental attitude which was implanted from Roman imperial method, which has independently persisted into most of the Churches supposedly reformed from Roman Catholicism.  [We are inclined to look for something institutional/Human, but this could also be Satanic/demonic, period of permitted influence.]  If you read the Third Council of Constantinople you should see where the title; “FaithMasters the Age of Dogma” fits.  No sooner had some departed from Rome than they set up fresh ‘papacy like’ institutions.  FaithMasters domineering ways [Daniel 2 v 40,41 : 7 v 7] can be found in recent faiths and even in small cults#.  Perhaps no longer ‘burning at the stake’, but arrogantly treating a difference in thought as worse than God’s own definition of what is a sin, and Spiritually condemning any ‘Boroean’ to an exile of sorts, a spiritual desolation.

Something nasty can hide in these institutions, like paedophilia [and other ‘cliques'] because a faithmaster system is so ‘top down’ in hierarchical structure; these fear no overthrow from below, providing equals and superiors see no ill, they can hide in plain sight for years growing complex networks.  Nobody listens to the small ones, these birds gorge on the mustard seed, mostly unseen.

Even some institutions which are not religions [political and academic] have copied the Intellectually arrogant structure of FaithMaster Roman Rule. ‘Divine emperor’ : ‘our glorious leader’ [unapproachable leadership, undemocratic systems, “Our’s is not to reason why.”  FaithMaster control from the top is easily abused by low ranking authority within the structure, for their own ends [Paedophiles, bribery, blackmail, witch hunts over thoughts, tow the line etc].  For Humanity a bad habit of long term conditioning by Rome.

The Renaissance could well be the turning point for the usefulness of the FaithMaster method.  An ancient well informed king could well be the best person to make a decision in the country but as technology increases, experts abound at all levels.  Today we can imagine small firms where a junior member of staff becomes controller of its technology, consultation is now much more important.  A leader who does not listen will soon wreck the business.

Compare Third Council of Constantinople in style/attitude with the Scriptures below;

2Corinthians 1 v 24;  How the Apostles considered themselves relative to the Congregation members.

Titus 3 v 9; Study questionings must have been acceptable.

2Timothy 2 v 23-26 [compare Matthew 7 v 6]; Evidently it’s Who and Why is the question asked.

Ecclesiastes 12 v 9 ; Pondering is a long process.

1Timothy 4 v 15; Ponder as an instruction.

Acts 17 v 11; Beroean’s

Proverbs 20 v 25; rashly cried out Holy

1Corinthians 10 v 11; Not just rank and file 1Samuel 2 v 17,25,30,34.

Add the following Scriptures to your time view of the period prophesied;

Luke 22 v 31: Job 2 v 3 to 6: John 15 v 20: Matthew 24 v 9 to 14: John 16 v 2: Revelation 13 v 15.

So did they fail to fully complete the Reformation or did Satan and minions simply re-enter the new churches to sift these as wheat also?

#Cult refers to those giving more attention to a single god within any pagan system or to be initiated especially into the mysteries of the said god; ‘cult of Apollo’ or ‘cult of Isis’ etc., these still honoured other gods in the pantheon.

As Yahweh demands exclusive devotion all those who worship the God of Abraham are in a practical sense a cult {Judaism, Unitarian Christians, Islam & Sikh} loosely being the main Sects of this cult.

Sect refers to a split or section, these have shared origins/roots of some sort.

So a Sect can be troubled by Cults and a Cult split by Sects, just the viewpoint, most Cults are Sects but many Sects are not Cults, because a Cult has an exclusive element to be a Cult.

Generally used ‘spread shot fashion’ as a demeaning term of religious abuse.