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A Critique;

Questions my readers may wish to address to there own satisfaction.

Jesus clearly endorses Daniel as a valid prophet whose prophecy is to be used in connection with the Christ's own, so if you believe Jesus Christ no problem - If you don’t believe in Jesus Christ then you have other more serious problems than these!  Matthew 24 v 15

Therefore you are looking to check if the ‘Yahweh Immanuel info’ website is publishing a correct or a ‘contribution to’ interpretation for “the Ships of Kittim” of Daniel 11 v 30. Are there other candidates for these persons or events, which are in the correct order?

The logic of this section is very dependant on the actions of the Islamic fleet based at Cyprus /Kittim. Were there other ships?

Which from Kittim/Cyprus successfully humiliating the King of the North, search books &/or Internet.

Does Constans II meet the actions described in Daniel 11 v 28-31 or is there somebody else who;

Comes against the South and fails where a predecessor [Heraclius; his grandfather] had been successful.

Who has at a time later an event where “Arms” stand up? [Greek Fire]

Where the same King later installs an instrument of some description causing a desolation upon something/somebody?

Did the Third Council of Constantinople prove to be an Abomination/Disgusting thing causing desolation? [Middle Ages, burnings etc.] or was that to come later?

Or was there some other event or sequence of events?

If you find an agreement then you choose if the ‘days’ are days or years from installation of the disgusting thing.

Two possibilities are given on this Website;

First: 1335 & 1290 start together

Second: [in preparation] start different dates & end together.


The ideological setup of the disgusting thing completes with:

711ce Justinian II kisses Pope Constantine’s feet & confirms church of Rome’s privileges.

The Book of Pontiffs Raymond Davis

The practical setup of the disgusting thing completes with:

756ce 2nd peace of Pavia

The Lives of the Eighth Century Popes Raymond Davis

Subject to change if more accurate dates are found.